OPM Biomedical: A pioneer in personalized medicine, we became the only company to receive FDA clearance to manufacture 3D printed patient-specific polymeric implants when we received 510(k) clearance for our OsteoFab®cranial prostheses line in February 2013.* We are also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for our maxillofacial implants and first spinal implant line, and received FDA 510(k) clearance for these in 2014 and 2015. Our Biomedical division also provides contract manufacturing services to third parties for a broad range of 3D printed biomedical implant applications. (*OPM Biomedical shipped its 750th cranial implant in November 2015.)

OPM Industrial: In industrial markets, such as semiconductor, automotive, oil and gas and others – where applications demand the range of performance characteristics that our proprietary OXPEKK® composition can deliver – our success will continue to build on years of advanced materials science and a deep understanding of customer needs. Additionally, our OXFAB® process which has been validated in the most highly regulated environment having received a full B-Basis allowables, brings world class metal replacement through the combination of our proprietary materials and 3D printing technologies.  


High Performance Additive Manufacturing (HPAM)

Since its inception, OPM has concentrated on the use of high performance materials and created a unique, versatile "toolbox" for the development and production of advanced structures. We are uniquely positioned as a pioneer in high performance additive manufacturing, or HPAMTM, delivering fully functional parts for extremely demanding, highly regulated industries and applications. This is in contrast to companies that utilize 3D printing to produce prototypes and consumer items of limited function.  

OPM's HPAMTM focus – and the focus of our customers – is not on the shape that comes off the printer; but rather the quantifiable attributes of the parts that come off the printer. 



Management Team

OPM is managed by a seasoned team with specific industry experience in the areas of materials development, engineering and research as well as a wealth of functional expertise in operations, finance, marketing and business development.

Management Team members




Board of Directors

OPM has been fortunate in assembling a Board of Directors that include top inside managers as well as outside members with a range of industry and functional experience.

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