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OPM Announces Commercial Launch of OXPEKK® Custom Compounds

May 23rd, 2017

OPM Announces Commercial Launch of OXPEKK® Custom Compound

Oxford Performance Materials Announces Commercial Launch of OXPEKK® Custom Compounds

Leader in PEKK technologies to offer engineered OXPEKK formulations for manufacture of high value medical, aerospace, and industrial products

South Windsor, CT, July 31, 2017 - Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. (OPM), a leader in advanced materials science and high performance additive manufacturing (HPAM™), today announced the commercial launch of OXPEKK® Custom Compounds.

OXPEKK products are comprised of OPM’s family of proprietary poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK) formulations.  With the commercial launch of OXPEKK Custom Compounds, OPM is addressing critical unmet needs in key markets including the medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, and semiconductor industries. 

“OXPEKK is a special breed of polymer with a desirable combination of processing and performance attributes that address some of the most demanding applications in today’s industrial markets,” stated Tony DeCarmine, OPM’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are very excited to be launching OXPEKK Custom Compounds, which offer a unique combination of properties that users of high performance polymers will find compelling.”

Key performance characteristics of OPM’s OXPEKK Custom Compounds include:

  • Robust mechanical performance
  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • High purity
  • Gamma stability
  • Exceptionally high chemical resistance
  • Resistance to water or solvent infiltration
  • Superior fatigue performance

OPM utilizes advanced processing technologies to manufacture OXPEKK Custom Compounds in pellet form and extruded semi-finished shapes.  The OXPEKK product lines offer several advantages over metals and other thermoplastics in process flexibility, reduced weight, non-corrosive attributes, and tailored formulations, including filled and colored compounds. 

Product Certification

All OPM products are supported by the highest level of testing and certification.  For the biomedical market, the OXPEKK Custom Compound product portfolio includes OXPEKK®-MG (Medical Grade for non-implant applications) and OXPEKK®-IG (Implant Grade for implantable devices), both subject to strict regulatory standards:

  • OXPEKK Custom Compounds for medical use have been tested against ISO 10993 standards, demonstrating safe use in permanent implant applications with bone and tissue contact;
  • OXPEKK Custom Compounds are produced in a controlled cGMP environment supported by a robust Quality Management System (QMS).

Manufacturing & Facility

The OXPEKK Custom Compounding facility utilizes state-of-the-art compounding technology supported by a full material science and quality control lab.  All OPM facilities are designed to meet key regulatory requirements:

  • ISO 13485 certification for medical applications with a QMS intended to address applicable Medical Device Directives (MDD), regulations and responsibilities, demonstrating a commitment to the safety and quality of the medical devices manufactured by OPM customers;
  • AS9100C certification for aerospace & industrial applications when OXPEKK Custom Compounds are subject to elevated risk management standards in those markets.


About Oxford Performance Materials, Inc.

A recognized leader in advanced materials science, Oxford Performance Materials Inc. was founded in 2000 to exploit and commercialize the world’s highest performing thermoplastics, with a focus on poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK).  OPM develops proprietary material, process and application technologies for custom compound and semi-finished goods, and applies high performance additive manufacturing (HPAM™) to produce fully functional end-use structural parts. The Company has three strategic business units: OPM Materials develops proprietary OXPEKK® thermoplastic products – including OXPEKK® Custom Compounds and other materials for biomedical, aerospace, and industrial applications. OPM Aerospace & Industrial produces 3D printed OXFAB® production parts for highly demanding aerospace, satellite, and defense applications. OXFAB® structures offer significant weight, cost, and time-to-market reductions that are defined in a set of specified performance attributes in the exhaustive OPM B-Basis database, developed in conjunction with NASA and Northrop Grumman.  OPM Biomedical is a pioneer in personalized medicine, 3D printing OsteoFab® cranial and facial implants as an OEM, and its SpineFab® line on a contract manufacturing basis. OPM Biomedical is the first and only company to receive FDA 510(k) clearance to manufacture 3D printed patient-specific polymeric implants, and has a total of four 510(k) clearances in its portfolio. For more information, please visit: www.oxfordpm.com


Company Contact:

Bernie Plishtin
Oxford Performance Materials



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