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Oxford Performance Materials Announces Patent Issue for Fiber Sizing Technology

September 16th, 2019

Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. (OPM), a leader in advanced materials science and high performance additive manufacturing (HPAM®), today announced it has been awarded a patent for its proprietary fiber sizing and coating technology. 

OPM’s proprietary OXPEKK®-SC (Solution Casting) product - first commercialized in April, 2018 - delivers a sub-micron thin film with primary applications on glass, carbon and other fibers during the production process.  As a sizing OXPEKK-SC provides dual benefits, improving fiber handling in production as well as fiber adhesion to polymer matrices, thus enhancing performance of thermoplastic and thermoset composite systems. Most sizing systems are complex and generally not stable at high temperature, resulting in a substantial performance limitations.  OPM’s new OXPEKK-SC sizing system provides both excellent handling and superior bonding to the polymer matrix.

More broadly, the OXPEKK-SC process provides a water-based solution castable as ultra-thin films that - when formed - have the full mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of PEKK. OPM’s patent coverage now extends beyond fibers to any surface modifications where functionalized PEKK is used – including a wide range of chemical resistant coatings on ceramic & metallic structures and conductors. OXPEKK-SC film tenaciously bonds to most substrates and can be spray applied or dipped with a minimum thickness of 100nm. 

“The genesis of this technology goes back over 15 years when we made some important discoveries in a PEM fuel cell membrane project” said Scott DeFelice CEO “We were thrilled to be notified of this new patent issue, which provides OPM with a broad market path as the leader in PEKK coatings with the ability to improve performance of composites by enabling lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles and aircraft, which is critical to addressing climate change”.

OPM has entered into a research agreement with the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (CCM) in order to fully characterize the benefits of the OXPEKK-SC system.  OPM also has a number of ongoing developments underway with large fiber producers, as well as application of coatings for industrial structures and biomedical devices. Production quantities of this product are available from OPM. 

About Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. 
Oxford Performance Materials (“OPM”) was founded in 2000 to exploit and commercialize the world’s highest performing thermoplastic, PEKK (poly-ether-ketone-ketone). OPM’s Materials business has developed a range of proprietary, patented technologies for the synthesis and modification of a range of PAEK polymers that are sold under its OXPEKK® brand for biomedical, aerospace, and industrial applications. The Company is a pioneer in 3D printing. OPM Biomedical’s OsteoFab® technology is in commercial production in numerous orthopedic implant applications, including cranial, facial and spinal devices. OPM is the first and only company to receive FDA 510(k) clearance to manufacture 3D printed patient-specific polymeric implants, and the company has six 510(k) clearances in its portfolio. OPM Industrial produces 3D printed OXFAB® production parts for highly demanding applications in the energy, transportation and semiconductor markets. OXFAB® structures offer significant weight, cost, and time-to-market reductions that are defined in a set of specified performance attributes in the exhaustive OPM B-Basis database, developed in conjunction with NASA. For more information, please visit: www.oxfordpm.com 

About the Center for Composite Materials

Founded in 1974 within the University of Delaware’s College of Engineering, the Center for Composite Materials (CCM) is an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary center of excellence for composites research and education. During its first quarter century, CCM has developed core competencies in a number of composites science and engineering areas. These core competencies are applied to the Center’s many research programs, which are supported by a variety of funding sources, including the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, industry (242+ companies representing materials suppliers and end users in the aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, and durable goods industries), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the State of Delaware. For more information, please visit: https://www.ccm.udel.edu/


Company Contact:

Willow Johndrow  
Oxford Performance Materials  
+1 860 656 9442
wjohndrow@oxfordpm.com ​​​​​​​

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