Industrial Applications

While 3D printing with commodity polymers is not new, OPM is the first company to successfully apply additive manufacturing technology to the ultra-high performance polymer PEKK for aerospace and industrial applications. Supported by extensive test data, OPM's OXPEKK® formulation has an extraordinary range of performance benefits, including high chemical and radiation resistance, high tensile and compressive strength, low-to-high temperature tolerance, tailored electrical properties, and high purity with ultra-low outgassing.


OPM's proprietary OXFAB® technology platform is a sophisticated merging of OXPEKK® high performance thermoplastic and the world's most robust additive manufacturing technology, delivering a range of fully functional, end-use parts and components. We are fundamentally improving the way the world's industrial components are manufactured, fulfilling critical development and production contracts for 3D printed parts in a range of industrial applications in automotive, energy, semiconductor with significant weight and cost savings to our customers.